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Here is a quick dive into several projects we are servicing at the moment. We can develop a program to best suit your company's needs and wants. We can help promote utilization and encourage continued use of the program. This is designed to maximize the output of your staff while they are at work at a low cost.

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Renascence Performance provides corporate wellness solutions to help businesses and their employees live healthier lives. Our recent projects include quarterly engagement campaigns, meal plans, custom app design, healthy lifestyle education, and habit formation. 

We utilized this company's logo and branding to produce the educational programs to appear as if these were prepared and designed internally. The employees were engaged quickly with the materials and saw a tremendous return on their investment from a production aspect as well as work environment.



At Renascence Performance, we understand the importance of taking care of your physical and mental well-being. We specialize in helping factory workers who are facing the physical and mental challenges of long and hard days of work. Our approach focuses on stress management, flexibility and recovery, and proper nutrition to help workers stay healthy and avoid workers compensation situations.

We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that they are getting the customized care they need to stay in peak condition and perform their best. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping each individual reach their personal goals while improving their overall wellness.



Renascence Performance provides Corporate Wellness services for customers such as the Department of Corrections, with an emphasis on stress management protocols, work out plans to keep employees in shape and active, promoting healthy living, and finding balance even with excessive overtimes.

Correction Officers have a demanding job in an intense environment. It is vital that they deal with stress effectively and implement the proper habits while out of work. One major issue impacting Department of Corrections is the loss of staff, whether this is through people quitting due to being burnt out or worst case suicide. This project is crucial to serve this part of our community and we are always working to improve this program.

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