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Law Enforcement Wellness

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Our Law Enforcement Wellness Program is catered to those who serve our communities in the police departments and our correctional facilities. These jobs are very crucial to our society and can be extremely tough of on their psyches. Our program boosts resistance to stress and improves retention of staff.

What We


Stress Management

Mindfulness & meditation techniques are useful tools to combat stress. We will have video instruction, habit formation practices and other methods to master. 


On-Demand Workouts

Workouts that can be done from the phone, computer or streamed from the TV. We provide access to the Les Mills Library to cover all levels of fitness and types such has weighs, cardio and others.


Wellness Seminars

We will come to your department or institution and provide a 1-2 hour seminar on the subject matter that is most relevant to the needs at that time. Topics that have been presented range from Basic Nutrition, Stress Management and Mindfulness. 



Nutrition education is provided in video format, infographs and tasks. We provide methods to track consumption and reward compliance. We also provide a more in-depth coaching experience to develop meal plans for the individual. It is essentially providing access to a nutritionist to your employees.


Work Out Plans

We have designed work out plans that have video instructions, goals and achievements that can be done at home, on the go or at the gym. It is like having a personal trainer with you at all times. 


*Therapist/Life Coaching

We can provide access to a network of Life Coaches and Therapist to give your employees an impartial person to talk to you. The 1st Hour is complimentary and then additional time can be purchased at a discount.

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Issues facing DOC

The job of a corrections officer is extremely stressful and it is represented with a much higher average occurrences of depression, PTSD and suicide than the typical American.

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