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Our Mission

At Renascence Performance, we are passionate about helping businesses create a healthier and happier workforce. We strive to provide comprehensive wellness services that focus on improving the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals.

We are a group of Wellness Professionals who have a combined experience of over 30 years in the corporate world. We have worked as accountants, analysts and administrators. We have the knowledge and experience to serve you and your employees.

We pull from our own personal experiences working in stressful situations and provide you the solution to higher productivity.

Our team

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Ted linder

Director of Wellness Program

I first became interested in productivity as I served in roles as a Assistant Controller and eventually a Controller. I wanted to maximize the performance of those in my department, but at the same time prevent them from burning out. There are always stressful work situations, fire drills and month/quarter ends to focus on completing quickly and most importantly correctly. All this stress on top of the added stress of existing outside the office. I did much research on how to alleviate the pains of sitting at a desk and staring at screen. I learned much in breaking up the hour and doing some team building exercises. 

I made the switch to a more fitness driving profession to learn another avenue to promote productivity in the office. I focused on movement being medicine, nutrition being the fuel and mindfulness being the axe to the ills of stress. The companies and individuals we have brought this philosophy to have been very pleased with the impact it has had on their workplace environment and with the individuals both in and out of the office. The cost savings that have been seen just from an improvement in absenteeism has been immense.

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