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Active Duty Military & Veterans

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Our active duty armed forces were negatively impacted by the Pandemic. Their fitness facilities were closed and much progress had been lost. Standards were shifted and there is a desire to return to a higher standard. Our program is designed to improve their score on the tests and to train to higher levels of performance for the future. 

For our retired soldiers we provide the same access to the material it is just focused on preparing them for civilian life. Performance and stress management for their return to civilian life.

What We


Fitness Test Prep

We have developed and tested our programs with test subjects. 10 Week Programs to ace tests like the ACFT. 


Workout Plans

Plans designed to improve strength, agility and endurance. Workouts are safe, effective and not time consuming. Performance is the focus.


Performance Seminars

We provide in-person training sessions to give a more in-depth instruction on relative subject matters. 

Instruction on Fitness Test Preps, On-going PT Workouts and Nutrition Opitimizations.


Nutrition Coaching

Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipes and Supplement advice to help improve performance physically and mentally. 



Techniques are taught to help the individual perform and focus even under high levels of stress. They will learn to handle and process situations in real time effectively.


*Therapists/Life Coaches

We can provide access to a network of Life Coaches and Therapist to give your employees an impartial person to talk to you. The 1st Hour is complimentary and then additional time can be purchased at a discount.

ACFT Test Group

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