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Department of Corrections Wellness Programs

The national average of the workforce in America suffering depression is 7%, PTSD 4% and the occurrences of suicide is about 5% which impact the focus and productivity of the workforce. These figures when compared to those of the employees of correctional institutions are far higher and more troubling. Depression and PTSD are nearly 20% more common and suicide occurs at a higher incidence rate.

These statistics are from 2013 and have become worse with time. We have developed a program that is accessible and multi-faceted to improve engagement and improve the lifestyles of this particular workforce. The day-to-day duties of their job is stressful and they need the tools and resources to manage it successfully to live and work productively.

Our program aims at improve the nutrition and lifestyle of DOC employees, providing them a fitness routine that fits their abilities and schedule, and most importantly teaching the techniques to combat stress.

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